China: Exports of Gallium and Germanium Remain Below Last Year’s Level

by | Apr 2024

Exports of gallium and germanium from China continue to remain below last year’s level, according to the latest figures from the Chinese customs authority. In March, the People’s Republic exported 3,206 kilograms of germanium and 1,214 kilograms of gallium. Compared to the same month last year, this is a considerable decline in exports of the two technology metals used in civilian and military technologies.

The trend for gallium is particularly drastic: while it stood at 6,480 kilograms in March 2023, exports have now plummeted by more than 80% in direct comparison. The decline in germanium exports was less drastic but is still around 30 percent lower than the 4,702 kilograms in the same month last year. Compared to February, however, exports have risen slightly. Germanium exports rose by 16 percent, and gallium exports grew by just over one percent.

In August last year, Beijing introduced export restrictions for the two critical raw materials, which continue to influence the market. China is the leading producer of these and many other critical raw materials.

Source: Chinese Customs Administration


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